What is a Graduate Programme?

There is a lot of talk about Graduate Schemes and programmes, but very few resources actually tell us ‘what a graduate programme is. But the answer isn’t very technical. In fact most graduate jobs could say that they offer some kind of scheme.

A graduate scheme is basically a graduate job, which has a definitive structure. The scheme or programme will be defined over a certain length of time, usually between 2 and 4 years. This will often involve rotations around various departments to give a broad view of the company.

Traditionally this is with larger companies and the schemes or programmes might allow graduates from many disciplines and give them a very broad overview of the company and departments. However this doesn’t have to be the case. There is no reason why a smaller company couldn’t set out a structure, especially if back up with attaining a qualification, such as ACA for accountants or RICS for surveyors.

Application deadlines are often well in advance of starting and sometimes 12 months before the start date.

Applicants are often required to complete many rounds of interviews often including long initial applications, phone discussions and assessment days.

Compared to other graduate jobs, schemes and porgrammes tend to offer higher wages.

Completion usually gives a professional qualifications and a permanent position.

Hopefully this article has highlighted the main question of, ‘what is a graduate programme?’ but if you have any further questions on this, get in contact through our social media profiles.