What is a graduate job?

So you’ve finished university and it’s time to go into the world of work. It’s not until we actually graduate that many of us actually ask ourselves ‘what is a graduate job?’

There seems to be no formal definition of a ‘what a graduate job is’. You might say it is either a job that a graduate with no or very little experience can do. It’s also called an ‘Entry Level job’. A better way of putting it is, a ‘It’s not only commonly known as this but also a job that needs a graduate with a degree!

From an employers point of view they will term a job a Graduate job when the abilities, and knowledge, required to perform the role, incorporating further learning will require someone of a degree standard. Generally the average recent graduate and school leaver at the age of 21-22 will be earning very similar wages but as the years progress from then graduate salaries tend to be higher. Graduates may even start in the same role as a schoolm leaver but more often thtan not with the intention of quicker progression.

So what do you need to get a graduate Job?

Different employers have different requirements. Often there is no specific degree required . It is more the fact that you have a degree, proving a level of study and aptitude and also highlighting transferrable skills such as essay writing, presenting etc.
In terms of degrees required this varies hugely. Official Graduate Schemes & Graduate Programmes do often require a minimum of a 2.1, but many samller companies will accept a 2.2 or 3rd. This depends on the sector. Many employers will accept less, particularly if from a top tier university such as Oxford or Cambridge.

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Hopefully this article has highlighted the main question of, ‘what is a graduate job?’ but if you have any further questions on this, get in contact through our social media profiles.