Using Social Media to Find Graduate Jobs

5th May 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Graduate News and Articles

Use Social Media Sites – This is rapidly becoming one of the best ways to find jobs and keep up to date with latest vacancies and career news. Twitter, Facebook & Linked in are 3 of the best for this.

Follow groups & pages of your favourite graduate employers, job sites and agencies. You’ll get all the latest news and job updates

Update Your Status – You’ll be surprised how many employers & agencies will actually be looking & searching for candidates this way.

This is probably the most useful for finding jobs. One great way is to search for a company that you want to work for and hopefully it will come up with people you know or friends of friends to do an introduction.
Join Groups – There are so many groups out there. Join groups for graduate jobs, specific career sectors or even juts local groups. LinkedIN was built to network for business and for jobs. Be bold and approach people.
Here’s our LinkedIn page.

It’s amazing how many employers, agencies, job sites and others post vacancies on here. Search for #tags, such as #gradjobs #graduate #trainee. There are also twitterers who just to repost tweets from other sources, so following these can be very useful.
Here’s our twitter page.

Here’s our facebook page.
Again most graduate employers, agencies & job sites have facebook pages. Although often they don’t really take off. I guess most poeple don’t see facebook as a source for jobs. But there are still some really good pages/groups. The best thing is that you can easily interact with the group. There are also several specialist pages that aren’t companies and don’t have websites. Search for ‘Graduate Jobs’ or ‘Graduate Careers’ and you’ll find a few of these.