Psychology Graduates - build your career with young people

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Psychology Graduates – build your career with young people!

Education, training and essential hands-on experience for graduates who are looking to build a career in psychology or young people!

Are you…?

ASPIRING to train as an occupational therapist, and educational psychologist, a youth-worker, police officer or teacher?
LOOKING for a meaningful career?
HOPING to avoid an office job?
DRIVEN by giving back to society
AT YOUR BEST when working with people?Working in a school as a learning support assistant will open your eyes and the doors to this career from gaining amazing insight into the daily work of health, community and educational professionals.

Do you want to work in the public sector?

If you want to build a career in the public sector, experience is what you need and working in a school, in a paid capacity is a fabulous way of taking that first step.

What does it take?

To work in this role, you will need to be able to put your ego to one side and be open to working with young people who will test your skills to the limit.

You must have a genuine interest in working with young people and supporting their educational, social and emotional development. If you have experience with special educational needs and disabilities, you will be a highly sought after individual in the class room!

Why do it?

GAIN insights into the work of teachers, social workers, occupational therapists and educational psychologists.
BUILD vital interpersonal and behaviour management skills.
START your career with a solid foundation of experience with young people.What does the role look like?

As a Learning Support Assistant, you will be working closely with pupils, teachers and parents. Your role will be varied and while not the best paid, the more you put in, the more you will get out of this opportunity!

How to apply

If you are a personable, dynamic, ambitious graduate and you arelooking for a meaningful start to your career, apply with your CV today and Zuleika from Academics will call you to discuss your potential career options