Lidl Graduate Scheme Information & Graduate Jobs.

Lidl Graduate Scheme and Jobs.

LIDL Graduate scheme

There are many Graduate Job roles at Lidl and being a large company recruitment is all year round. There are a lot of opportunities to join a Lidl Graduate Scheme in various departments.

Graduate employment life at Lidl.

At Lidl, we’re making the future happen right now. And, on one of our graduate programmes, you’ll be in the thick of it. Your career prospects with Lidl UK are outstanding, and with your healthy ambition you will be reassured to know that right from day one you will recognised as the individual you are, with unique strengths and abilities and all highly valued. We will nurture you and your career because we know that your success will be our success and we are as committed to our people as we are to our customers.
Once graduates are inside the business they are offered the chance to progress quickly and travel to other parts of the Lidl empire around the world. Graduates at the companies enjoy secondments in the US, Australia and Europe.

As well as leadership, team working, communication and organisational skills, we’ll see to it that you get all the early responsibility, breadth of exposure and in-depth training you need to excel.
We’re creating our future leaders. So we’ll immerse you in every aspect of our core operations. This means you’ll spend your first year across Sales, Logistics, Property and Supply Chain. After your end-of-year appraisal, you’ll kick off your second year with a week in Administration and 18 weeks’ worth of Head Office experience. Next up is one week’s centralised training, development and assessment, followed by 24 weeks in a specialised area of development.

Graduate Opportunities at Lidl.

Each year Lidl recruit for Graduate schemes. At Lidl, we’re making the future happen right now. And, on one of our graduate programmes, you’ll be in the thick of it. From day one, you’ll be part of a network of friendly graduates that stretches right across the business. Helping us do things better than ever, you’ll work on real projects where you’ll make decisions that really matter.

The Lidl Graduate Scheme Training:

In your first 9 months you’ll see the complexities of our business in the UK and experience the sharp end of our regional operations. Then you’ll join the selected department for 6 months head office training.

Extensive training will show you the ins and outs and whys and wherefores of our business, before jetting off on secondment to Germany for another 6 months; finishing with the chance to tackle some big, live projects in the UK.

Helping graduates develop their personal, commercial, organisational and management skills, our training and development programmes fulfil our people’s potential and ensure the long term success of our business. We aim to build outstanding teams equipped with expert knowledge, offering platforms for long term career progression.

Application Dates for the Lidl Graduate Scheme.

Each year the Lidl Graduate Scheme take applications in Autumn for September intake.

Lidl Graduate Scheme Salaries & Benefits.

Lidl pays £8.20 and £9.35. This compares with £7.20 for the “national living wage”, which takes effect in April.

Graduate starting salaries in retail management
• Graduate trainee retail manager – £37,000–£38,000.

Graduate starting salaries in buying and merchandising
• Graduate scheme in buying – £30,000 with the potential of earning up to £63,250.

Graduate starting salaries in supply chain/logistics
• Graduate supply chain trainee scheme – £32,000.

Graduate starting salaries in retailers’ general business (commercial) schemes
• Graduate management development programme – £36,000 plus a car.

Lidl Graduate Scheme Requirements.

We choose talented, motivated and ambitious people, skilled communicators with natural drive, raw enthusiasm and ambitions to match our own.
Our Recruitment process is supported by the Jobmi platform. When clicking ‘Apply’ you will need to register yourself with Jobmi and complete the first of our online assessments.
There is no way to revise for the assessments, they are about your preferences and what engages you.

Our online assessment comprises of:




You will need to pass each stage to be invited to the next.
The last stage of our assessments will be an invitation to


Please allow a total of up to four week for review and outcome.

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Lidl Graduate Interview Preparation.

Our online assessment comprises of:


– a NUMERICAL REASONING TEST – This test is about 20 minutes in length, and you are not permitted the use of a calculator, though you may use scrap paper if you wish. Basic mathematical principles such as multiplication and division, and reading charts/graphs are the majority of what is tested.

• Why this division?
• What do you know about our company?
• Do you see yourself working at Lidl in the future?
• How many people have you managed before?
• What appeals to you most about this job?
• Explain your understanding of the LIDL product mix.
• Tell me about a suggestion you have made.
• Tell me about a problem you have had with a superior.
• What kind of person would you refuse to work with?
• What skills have you acquired from your previous jobs that would make you an asset at Lidl?
• What is more important for you: the money or the work?
• How are you customer orientated?
• Tell me about yourself academically and socially, any hobbies, other awards or skills you may have.
• What have you got to offer the company?
• What are your strengths?
• What are your weaknesses?
• How would you deal will employees who are older than you and don’t like you because of your age?
• How do you meet the changing demands of customers?
• What changes would you make to Lidl?
• How do Lidl manage to break into other markets?

TIP: Be confident, and don’t undersell yourself. Experience is good, but Lidl values potential and enthusiasm, so do not be intimidated if many of the other candidates seem to be older or have more experience than you.

Come prepared with lots of examples to illustrate your points, and don’t forget to ask insightful questions of your interviewer.

Before you begin your application, take a moment to consider your strengths. What are the qualities you have that will make us want to hire you? Whatever they are, make sure they’re clearly spelled out in your application.

Along with thinking about your strengths, take some time to look at your work experience. What are the different roles you’ve done in the past, and what skills and knowledge have you gained as a result? How could you apply those skills and knowledge at Lidl?

Once you’ve completed your application, make sure to proofread it before submitting. Spelling errors and grammatical mistakes won’t look great on your application, especially if you’re applying for a job that requires attention to detail.

Finally, make sure to attach your CV and, even if it’s not required, a covering letter. If done well, they’ll give your application a real boost.

• Re-read the job advert and job profile on our website. Think about how you meet the key competencies we’re looking for and any specific examples where you’ve displayed these qualities.
• Know your CV. We’ll ask you questions about your CV so make sure you refresh your memory before the interview.
• Think about your key skills and strengths. Being confident about what you have to offer will help you to relax and perform well during the interview.
• Visit one of our stores. Have a look around, look at what our staff do and think about what it would be like to work for us. Consider the things you might enjoy and the challenges you might face.
• Research us. Don’t just tell us facts about our business. We want to hear what you find interesting or surprising or impressive about us. We want to know why you’d be good for the job and work well in our team. The careers section of our UK site ( is the best place to start.
• Prepare a list of questions. Use the interview to assess if the role is right for you. Think about your aspirations, motivations and future career plans. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about any aspect of the role you think is unclear or have concerns about.
• Bring notes. Feel free to bring notes with key points or specific work examples you wish to mention. Having them written down may put your mind at ease and allow you to focus and enjoy the interview.