How HR Recruitment is Changing the Way We Hire

26th September 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Graduate News and Articles

How HR Recruitment is Changing the Way We Hire
According to the Office for National Statistics, the UK leads the world in manufacturing graduates, it turns out that there are more degree-holders than in Spain, Austria, Germany, Norway or Switzerland. With 47% of students entering higher education, we have seen major expansions in the university-industry such including higher admissions numbers, raised financing, and a high-rise in tuition fees and student debt.

However, what happens after graduation is under far more scrutiny than it was 10 years ago. With major innovations in technology, there are radical changes in the way in which we recruit as well as workplace organisation and security. Using HR management software will help take control of on-boarding and putting together employee schedules for fresh graduates arriving in the workplace.
So how will the recruitment industry respond to the changes in job hiring and searching? Here’s how HR recruitment is changing the way we hire.

Take Advantage of Social Media
One of the quickest trends in finding jobs and staying up to date with career news is to use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When a potential candidate applies for a position, the HR manager will view their social profiles. As many websites are basically an online resume, companies can take a better look at their previous companies and recommendations they receive during their previous position.

Make Use of High-Search Websites like LinkedIn
One of the most useful sites for finding jobs includes LinkedIn, as there are so many professional groups of there to join. Using sites like LinkedIn can help you build a network and take a bold approach in applying for a job. Now, more applicants are spending their time using online tools to connect with potential companies and embrace their personality through video rather than phone screens.

Gain Work Experience Advantage
As the rise of applications increases per vacancy, graduates are starting their search early in hopes of gaining relevant work experience. Over one in three students has had an internship with a prospective employer and gaining work experience helps university students prepare for the graduate job market. In fact, studies show that graduates who have held internships were found to be more successful in finding a job after graduation.

Learn More About Crowdsourcing
Since HR is looking to reduce hiring costs, HR technology trends are shifting techniques by using video and crowdsourcing rather than using recruitment space. Online videos allow employers to view potential employees in a more engaging format and promote their job.
Furthermore, technology has gained an important aspect in HR recruiting as it cannot replace human interaction but relieve the stress of shuffling through every potential candidate. Technology will only continue to grow and work as a fast and cost-effective method to hiring applicants. As fresh graduates, students must take on the role to show what they can offer in the workforce and display their skills to gain the higher advantage.