Pareto is the ‘UK’s largest and most successful sales development & sales enhancement organisation’.

They have a unique approach in that they will assess, train and develop graduates and then place them in a graduate sales job or graduate job.

They place over 1600 graduates with sales training every year. Every graduate placed gets 15 days sales training within the first 6 to 12 months

Pareto Features.

They provide services similar to other recruitment agencies, plus more. They work with many clients so are likely to have appropriate jobs to apply for. They will also provide assistance on the full journey from application through to assessment, training, placement and beyond. Online Resources.

They have a comprehensive site with a lot of useful content. Within the ‘Resource Centre’ you will find link to many content rich sections. These include videos, white papers and infographics.

The Blog has new posts several times every week. This will range from career tips to far ranging topics on finance and general interest.

Pareto Social Media.

The GRB has Social Media channels for the major sites. Here are the details:
Facebook: Pareto Law. Over 12,000 likes. Posts on a wide variety of career topics.
Google+: Pareto Law. Over 100 followers and over 400k views. Posts on a wide variety of career topics and company updates.
LinkedIN: Pareto Law. Posts on a wide variety of career topics and company updates.
Twitter: @pareto_law. Over 13,000 followers. Posts on new jobs and careers services.
YouTube: Pareto Law. A strong selection of videos. Mainly on sales careers and training.

Visit the Pareto website >>>