Celsius Graduate Recruitment

Celsius Graduate Recruitment

Celsius Graduate Recruitment.

Celsius Graduate Recruitment finds the sales stars of tomorrow. They recruit them in great graduate IT sales jobs and give them the sales skills they need to succeed. They are the UK’s leader in the lucrative IT and Telecoms arena and work with major brands as well as smaller, niche organisations. Many of their clients retain them on an exclusive basis.

Their accredited training provides a real difference in the quality of our graduates. This ensures that candidates get graduate sales jobs where they have real career opportunities.

“Everyone wins: graduates get the first step on the ladder to a fantastic career in sales; employers are able to recruit the next generation of sales stars who will drive their business for years to come. We do all the hard work and you enjoy the fruits of it!”

They have offices in Central London, as well as the Midlands and the North.

Celsius Graduate Recruitment Features.

Celsius will provide service similar to other recruitment agencies. They work with many clients so are likely to have appropriate jobs to apply for. They will also “ensure that you have the skills you require to be successful in a business to business sales role. We guarantee your success within a company by providing you with training throughout your career”.

Celsius Graduate Recruitment Online Resources.

They have some useful content on interview tips. The Celsius news offers blog posts on mainly CV and interview tips. They also have many case studies.

Celsius Graduate Recruitment Social Media.

Celsius has Social Media channels for the major sites. Here are the details:
Facebook: Celsius Graduate Recruitment Ltd. Posts on a wide variety of career topics and company updates.
Google+: Celsius Graduate Recruitment. Find interesting reviews and career articles.
LinkedIN: Celsius Graduate Recruitment Limited. Posts on a wide variety of career topics and new jobs.
Twitter: @celsiusgrads. Posts on new jobs and careers services.
YouTube: Howard Jackson. A couple of videos interviews.

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