Sky Graduate Scheme and Jobs.

Sky Graduate Scheme and Jobs.

SKY Graduate scheme Jobs

There are many Graduate Job roles at Sky and being a large company recruitment is all year round. There are a lot of opportunities to join a Sky Graduate Scheme in various departments including Customer Service to Marketing and software engineering, from Finance to HR, to management and more.

Graduate employment life at Sky.

At Sky, we’re making the future happen right now. And, on one of our graduate programmes, you’ll be in the thick of it. From day one, you’ll be part of a network of friendly graduates that stretches right across the business. Helping us do things better than ever, you’ll work on real projects where you’ll make decisions that really matter.

Graduate Opportunities at Sky.

Each year Sky recruit for Graduate schemes. At Sky, we’re making the future happen right now. And, on one of our graduate programmes, you’ll be in the thick of it. From day one, you’ll be part of a network of friendly graduates that stretches right across the business. Helping us do things better than ever, you’ll work on real projects where you’ll make decisions that really matter.

The Sky Graduate Schemes fall into the below programmes:

Business programmes
Join us in Corporate Affairs, Change Delivery, Finance, Marketing, Strategy or Procurement and find out how you could play your part.

Software Engineering Academy
Now TV and mobile app development are just two of the exciting technologies at the heart of our business. And the brilliant graduates who come through our Academy help make these exciting innovations happen. During this programme, you’ll be working either within the Developer or DevOps team on projects to help make sure Sky stays ahead of the game.

Join our Technology programme and you’ll work with cutting-edge technology from day one. If you love innovative products, this is a great chance to work on industry-leading technology and be inspired by experts before deciding on a final career path.

Locations for Sky Graduate Schemes.

In the UK Sky are based in state of the art offices close to Central London, Leeds or Edinburgh.

Application Dates for the Sky Graduate Scheme.

Sky Graduate Scheme applications open every year usually in September and we aim to make offers from December onwards, depending on the number and quality of applications.

Sky Graduate Scheme Salaries & Benefits.

The Sky Graduate Scheme starting salary is £28,802.

Join us and you’ll play your part in delivering great TV, brilliant broadband and award-winning customer service. It takes a team of talented, ambitious and dedicated people working together to make it happen. People just like you and because you’ll be helping us steer a course for the future of Sky, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to get on – whether that’s through giving you a great benefits package, the opportunity to try out new things or training from our team of top professionals.
You may have access to great rewards such as free Sky+HD and broadband, as well as enrolment in the Sky pension plan, health insurance and a wide range of retail discounts.

Sky Graduate Scheme Vacancies Per Year.

Each year Sky recruit around 90+ graduates.

Sky Graduate Scheme Requirements.

The most important thing to remember in every application is that we want you to be yourself. You should be professional but remember to let your personality come through whenever you’re talking to us; try and be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. There isn’t a “Sky” type, so if you want to be yourself and love working with all kinds of people, you’ll feel right at home at Sky.
The thing we all have in common is a real passion for making life better for our customers and having fun along the way. You won’t find a more committed or enthusiastic team anywhere. It may sound clichéd, but we really are prepared to go the extra mile.

Graduates: This is the timeline for a successful application to our Graduate Programmes.

1. Submit online application form.
2. Receive confirmation email.
3. Online test (this only applies to finance and strategy programmes). Please note once you’ve completed the test your application status will. remain ‘test scheduled’ whilst your test is being reviewed.
4. Telephone interview.
5. Assessment centre.
6. Offer.

Please Note. Feedback is only available to candidates who reach the assessment centre; Sky is unable to give feedback to candidates who are rejected before this stage, due to the high volumes of applications it receives.

*Sky Behaviours.

We have a core set of behaviours that unite us and describe how we work together. Throughout the selection process, we’ll be looking for evidence of how you demonstrate each of them. They are:
Clear Direction – Everyone at Sky is here to make a difference. We know what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it, what success looks like, and we take action to get there.
Change & Improvement – Using our imagination and creativity, we exceed expectations where it matters most. We always look for better ways of doing things and run with the changes this brings.
Feedback & Development – Our commitment to make Sky better is driven by constantly improving ourselves. Learning something new is an essential way of improving what we do.
Collaboration & Teamwork – Together we have a wealth of experience and ideas. When we work together, seeking and sharing information, we achieve more.
Empowerment – To make Sky a great place to work, we trust each other to do our very best. We encourage people to push their boundaries every day.
Do the Right Thing – We act with integrity and have the courage to do what we believe is right. We consult with others and consider the impact of our decisions.
If you’ve got any other questions about your application etc. you can email us or you want to hear from young people on our programmes, check out our behind the scenes section too.

Sky Graduate Scheme Interview Questions.

Before you attend an interview with Sky, you’ll need to have done this essential preparation:
• reviewed Sky’s competencies
• reviewed the interview process at Sky
• read about Sky’s assessment centres

Because the face-to-face interviews at Sky form part of an assessment centre, you will be spending the best part of a whole day, including lunch, at its offices in Osterley or Livingston.

Tip: While Sky prides itself on having a fun and relaxed working environment, don’t forget that this is a formal assessment: be polite and professional at all times and keep Sky’s competencies in mind.

The basics of the Sky graduate scheme interview

Sky doesn’t typically include technical questions in its interviews, as few of its roles require previous knowledge. We’re keen to find out why you want to work at Sky and on the particular programme you’ve chosen, think about the skills and traits required to succeed in a role like that. Then link it to the experience you have already acquired through education and previous employment. We’ll be looking to hear examples from different areas of your life, both at work and outside, where you demonstrated problem-solving skills.

Here are some previous Sky competency questions and how you might approach something like them:

Sky question: Describe a time when you have been part of a successful team.

Approach to take: This is a particularly important classic teamwork question given Sky’s strong focus on teamwork and collaboration. With questions like this, it’s always key to highlight your own contribution and actions. You need to consider the experience as a whole: think about what you enjoyed about working as a team, what you might do differently another time, and what made the team a success. The interviewer will be looking for evidence that you can build relationships and work effectively with others, so make sure your answer includes these details.

Sky question: Describe a time when you came up with a creative solution to a problem.

Approach to take: This question is closely linked to Sky’s corporate culture: it covers both creativity and problem-solving skills, which are particularly sought for many of Sky’s graduate roles. It also encompasses Sky’s concern with finding new and better ways to do things. It’s important to put a lot of thought and effort into answering this question and coming up with an example which clearly demonstrates how you uphold these values. Your answer could come from any area of your life, but anything which relates to the specific role you’re applying for would be an advantage. For example, if you’re applying for a marketing position, you could talk about how you came up with a new promotional activity to help boost flagging readership of your student newspaper. Or if you’re applying to finance, it could be how you came up with a budget plan to help a friend get home when they spent too much money during their gap year travels.

Sky question: Tell me about yourself.

Approach to take: While it may sound simple, this question can be tricky because it’s easy to end up rambling. Preparation is vital, you should go through your original application or CV before the day, picking out key pieces of information that sum up your skills and experience. It’s also useful to refer to the job description and identify areas where your experience aligns with the requirements of the job. Try not to form your answer it into a speech that you repeat word for word – this can sound forced and doesn’t give the interviewer a true impression of you.

Sky question: What are your interests?

Approach to take: Don’t make up a list of things you think the interviewer will want to hear – it’s hard to fake enthusiasm and you’ll usually get caught out if you lie. Instead, think about how your interests relate to Sky and the job that you’re applying for. If you’re applying for a role in betting and gaming, for example, an interest in sport is essential, so give an example that demonstrates your interest. Or if you’re applying for a supply chain position, think about pastimes that demonstrate relevant skills, such as organising social events for a society or students’ union.

Sky question: Why are you passionate about this business area?

Approach to take: When answering this question, consider the business area (be it technology, marketing or procurement) from several different angles. How did you first become interested in the subject? When did you realise that it was something you wanted to focus your career on? What have you done to further your knowledge and experience of this particular area? Be as enthusiastic as you like, without skimming on any detail.

Some questions you might like to ask

Asking questions at interview is a good way of showing your interest in the company and your willingness to seek new information and clarification where necessary – something which trainees will need to do. However, it’s important to think carefully about what you ask: asking questions ones to which you have already been given the answer will suggest a lack of engagement and it will be apparent if you aren’t genuinely interested in the response.
You may want to think about:
• Aspects of the graduate programme. For example, how much freedom you would have in choosing the departments or projects you get involved in?
• Management structure. Who would be your immediate boss? What might you want to know about them? How you would interact with them?
• Sky’s working culture. How do the company’s values affect day-to-day working? Is there anything about its diversity policies that particularly interests you?

Sky Graduate Jobs.

Please note – this is the Sky Graduate Employer profile. Please search our jobs directory or click below to visit their site for details on specific graduate vacancies.

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