Sainsbury’s Graduate Scheme and Jobs

Sainsbury’s Graduate Scheme and Jobs.

SAINSBURY’S Graduate scheme Jobs

There are many Graduate Job roles at Sainsbury’s and being a large company recruitment is all year round. There are a lot of opportunities to join a Sainsbury’s Graduate Scheme in various departments.

Graduate Opportunities at Sainsbury’s.

Each year Sainsbury’s recruit for Graduate schemes.

The Sainsbury’s Graduate Schemes fall into the below programmes:

Sainsbury’s have three programmes on offer: Commercial, People and Logistics & Supply Chain.

Locations for Sainsbury’s Graduate Schemes.

Sainsbury’s has over 1,000 outlets across the UK.

Application Dates for the Sainsbury’s Graduate Scheme.

Sainsbury’s applications for all schemes begin at the end of August a year before the scheme starts. There is no official closing date, but assessment centres mainly run in November and January, so candidates are advised to move quickly. Candidates should not expect to receive feedback on their application.
Sainsbury’s only accepts one application per candidate per year

Sainsbury’s Graduate Salaries & Benefits.

Sainsbury’s Graduate starting salary starts from £32,000.

It’s a steep learning curve but you’ll have great support throughout. We’ll pair you with a graduate from our previous cohort and a senior mentor, to coach and offer you guidance as well as the Early Careers Team, who’ll be on hand to offer advice and support. You’ll build a diverse skill set and business-wide knowledge during your time on our two-year programme – the perfect platform for development. When you’ve proved you can do it, you’ll move into a role with greater business responsibility and from there is scope to further progression.
Retail is at the heart of our business and so all of our graduates will spend one placement in our fast-paced stores. In this six-month placement you’ll be training to manage a team whilst delivering great customer service; serving our customers whenever and wherever they want.

Sainsbury’s Graduate Scheme Requirements.

Essential Requirements
• 2:1 Degree in any discipline, as well as A Level results of at least ABB and B grade GCSE Maths and English.
• Some relevant work experience (retail and/or leadership experience will also be preferred)
• Natural leadership skills
• Outstanding communication and people skills

To be successful, you’ll need to think fast and adapt quickly. You’ll be expected to communicate clearly, engage colleagues and have the skills to influence the people around you. Most importantly you’ll be visible right across our business from a very early stage in your career. if you are willing to work hard and get to know people, your career is limitless. We are looking for the best talent who are eager to develop. individuals with outstanding intellect, business acumen and ambition. Not simply graduates who want to grow with us, but natural pacesetters who expect, demand and deserve senior responsibility very early in their careers. We realise that this type of person is rare; but we offer the rewards, the challenges and the opportunities to attract them.

Sainsbury’s Graduate Interview Questions.

A telephone interview is the third stage of the application process and a chance for Sainsbury’s to get to know you a bit better. This is likely to be with a member of the HR department.
Some of the questions will be competency-based so prepare a range of examples for the skills you want to demonstrate. Competency questions will relate to the skills you’ll need to work in a retail environment and could include:

• Tell me about a time you worked under pressure.
• Tell me about a time you dealt with a difficult customer.
During the interview candidates will be expected to:
• explain why they want to work for Sainsbury’s
• explain why they want to join that particular scheme
• demonstrate an understanding of what Sainsbury’s does
• demonstrate a strong knowledge of the retail industry
• use a variety of examples
• have some questions to ask the interviewers about Sainsbury’s
You may also be asked about things you wrote on your application form so make sure you read over it before the interview and make a note of anything you think they may pick up on.

Demonstrating your commercial awareness and knowledge of Sainsbury’s
The interview will also be a chance for you to demonstrate your commercial awareness of the retail industry. You should specifically focus on:
• who Sainsbury’s competitors are
• any differences between Sainsbury’s and their competitors
• differences between Sainsbury’s stores and their competitors’ stores
Carry out relevant research and really get an understanding of the retail industry. Demonstrate that they are adaptable to new roles and circumstances. Using Sainsbury’s values, think about how you have demonstrated these in your personal and work experiences and how best you could vocalise these. Research and really understand what it is we do. Why do you like the industry? Why do you like Sainsbury’s (as opposed to another operator in the industry)? Why do you like the specific graduate scheme? What are the pressures facing the industry at the moment (there are lots!) What could potentially be done about them? What examples do you have to illustrate competencies? Be clear on why you want to apply for Sainsbury’s.

Sainsbury’s Graduate Jobs.

Whatever your plans, whatever your skills, Sainsbury’s have a career path to suit.
From structured Schemes and Internships to current live opportunities that will be ideal for new graduates, there is something for everyone in our business. Click here to find out more:

Please note – this is the Sainsbury’s Graduate Employer profile. Please search our jobs directory or click below to visit their site for details on specific graduate vacancies.

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