Barclays Graduate Scheme & Jobs.

Barclays Graduate Scheme & Jobs

Barclays is a huge company in the UK and globally. The Barclays graduate scheme is very popular and there is tough competition to get onto it. There are 2 separate employers for the Barclays graduate scheme. Barclays and Barclays Wealth.

Barclays is a large financial services provider that is found in over 50 countries. It employs over 140,000 people. Barclays has a history that spans 300 years. It incorporates all areas of finance including retail banking, corporate and investment banking, wealth and investment management.

The Barclays Graduate Scheme.

The Barclays Graduate Scheme is run is various locations across the globe.

There are 4 major business areas. Investment Banking which incorporates ‘Banking’ & ‘Global Markets’. There is also ‘Personal and Corporate Banking
Barclaycard’ and ‘Business Functions’. There are also MBA and PHD programmes.

Locations for the Barclays Graduate Scheme.

There are scheme opportunities in UK, Europe, Asia and the USA. In terms of UK positions, dependant upon the programme the role could be based at any branch.

Barclays Graduate Scheme Training & Development.

The initial training on the Barclays Graduate Scheme is intense. Run by experienced trainers it is a one to six week training programme. It will help to develop your abilities, give you insights into the Barclays way and the position you are entering. You’ll also meet colleagues in terms of senior managers and other graduates.

From the first day you will also get a buddy to give you support.

You will get ongoing training throughout the programme. ‘You can select from a variety of practical and classroom-based training, on everything from technical to softer skills. There’s a vast array of resources available, from talks by senior managers and development modules, to competitions, projects, and around 300 online learning resources.’

When’s the closing date for applications to the Barclays Graduate Scheme?

Indicative deadlines are 17 November for full time programmes, 5 January for internships, and 31 January for Spring Programmes.

Are there relocation expenses?

Potentially yes. Your offer pack will state the details.

What’s the Barclays Graduate Scheme annual intake?

Each year Barclays recruit more than 250 graduates.

What qualifications are needed for the Barclays Graduate Scheme?

Dependant upon the position there aren’t always set qualifications. Strong academic performance at University will be required. Analysts need at least a Bachelors degree or equivalent. Associates need to have an MBA plus a period of significant work experience. Quantitative Associates need to have a PhD or similar.

How long do the programmes last?

Full time programmes vary from 1 – 3 years depending on the programme you join. barclays make it clear that all roles are permanent.

What is the Barclays Graduate Scheme starting salary?

Rewards and benefits are country-dependent. The Future Leaders Programme in the UK has been known to offer a £36,000 basic. Following training salaries will be similar to the following. – Associate £40,000 plus. Project Manager from £45,000. Associate Director £55,000 plus.

Do I need Finance related degree?

No at all. Barclays are very clear on this. They recruit from all degree disciplines. They focus more on your behaviours and attitudes, rather than your technical knowledge of finance. However some programmes might require a more technical degree.

Can I apply to more than one Barclays graduate scheme?

Yes and no. Currently the system allows you to make multiple applications. However Barclays want candidates to make a choice. They therefore only accept the first application.

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The Barclays Wealth Graduate Scheme

Barclays provides Wealth and Investment Management through 20 offices worldwide. Their financial experts help clients from a 50 countries to manage their wealth offshore.

Graduate Opportunities at Barclays Wealth

The Barclays Wealth graduate scheme offers a lot of direct client exposure, engaging front-line work and formal coaching from industry leaders. It’s a great start to a career in Wealth and Investment Management.

It’s a 2.5 year programme. The induction is based in London. Support is given for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification.

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