ASDA Graduate Scheme and Jobs

ASDA Graduate Scheme and Jobs.

ASDA Graduate Scheme

The ASDA graduate scheme runs every year. Asda is one of the Uk’s largest and most popular supermarkets. They employ 175,000 people and have 578 stores and 26 depots across the UK. Their main office is in Leeds, Yorkshire, which is where the company was founded around 50 years ago. IN 1999 Asda became part of Walmart.

There are many Graduate Job roles at ASDA and being a large company recruitment is all year round. There are a lot of opportunities to join a ASDA Graduate Scheme in various departments. ASDA are a Times Top 100 Graduate Employer.

Graduate Opportunities at ASDA.

Each year ASDA recruit for Graduate schemes.

Graduate Opportunities at Asda

All the graduate schemes offer top class training and development and innovative learning techniques, both on the job and in training centres. Depending on your chosen graduate scheme, you’ll spend some time in one of the Stores of Learning or a Distribution Academy. Alongside the specialist abilities needed for your role, the training will focus on developing your personal and leadership skills, and regular reviews will keep your progress and development on the right track. Asda recruit for the following graduate schemes every year:

ASDA Fast-Track Retail Graduate Programme.
The programme is designed to fully immerse you in the world of retail and give you as much exposure as possible on the Asda frontline.

ASDA Fast-Track Trading Graduate Programme.
Trading is about finding high-quality products at lower prices.

ASDA Fast-Track Rotational Graduate Programme.
Based at Asda House in Leeds, which is the commercial and strategic heart of our organisation, you’ll gain hands-on experience in key areas such as marketing, central operations, finance, legal & compliance, HR and e-commerce.

ASDA Logistics Services Graduate Programme.
While many companies have outsourced their logistics services, we have deliberately retained control of ours – and with the ever-increasing use of online & e-commerce in the retail world we are determined to set new standards in this area for the rest of the world to follow. Our three-year logistics programme, known as Asda Logistics Services, puts you right at the heart of it.

ASDA Direct Entry opportunities.
Direct entry involves going straight into a functional role at our Home Office, Asda House in Leeds. This is what we think of as the nerve centre of our business, and graduates make up 60% of the people who work there.

Locations for the ASDA Graduate Scheme.

Dependent on the scheme you could be based at the Head Office in Leeds or at any store in the UK.

Application Dates for ASDA Graduate Schemes.

Applications open for the ASDA graduate scheme usually open in Autumn and close at the end of February.

The first phase of the application is an online applications. Stage 2 is video interview. The 3rd stage is the assessment centre.

ASDA Graduate Salaries & Benefits.

The Graduate Schemes have the following starting salaries:
£24,500 starting salary.
Annual bonus scheme.
Sharesave plan.
Stakeholder pension.
Great value dental and health cover.
Discounted travel services.

ASDA Graduate Scheme Requirements.

To qualify for all of the schemes, you’ll need a 2:1 degree in any subject (or equivalent qualification).

Asda look for skills and attributes beyond this including:

– Leadership potential with bags of energy and enthusiasm.
– Passion for retail and our customers.
– To be able to engage and deliver through others.
– The ability to adapt to rapid change.
– Real commitment and resilience.
– A willingness to work hard to get what you want.

ASDA Graduate Scheme & Jobs.

Please note – this is the ASDA Graduate Employer profile. Please search our jobs directory or click below to visit their site for details on specific graduate vacancies.

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