Ford Graduate Scheme and Graduate Jobs

Ford Graduate Scheme and Jobs.

FORD Graduate Jobs

There are many Graduate Job roles at Ford and being a large company recruitment is all year round. There are a lot of opportunities to join a Ford Graduate Scheme in various departments including:
Information Technology.
Product Development.
Marketing Sales and Service.
Sustainability & Environmental Engineering.
Communications & Public Affairs.

Ford Graduate Scheme life.

We need people to design our vehicles, purchase the components that make them, build the vehicles and market and sell them. We need people to provide us with the best technology to do all of this successfully as well as people that can promote the development of our workforce.

Our people are our most valuable asset and investing in this talent is important to us.

Ford Graduate Scheme Opportunities.

Each year Ford recruit for Graduate schemes. Typically Graduates will start from September. Actual timing would be discussed with candidates when formally offered a position.

The Ford Graduate Schemes Training:

We believe in recognising and nurturing your qualities, and giving you the support and opportunities you need to grow professionally.

Throughout your career you will find a variety of learning programmes available, ranging from national vocational qualifications, to professional and chartered schemes. All are there to help you build on your existing skills and support your future development.

You’ll also quickly discover that our management team works with our employees to develop clear objectives and is able to provide valuable feedback on performance.

Locations for Ford Graduate Schemes.

Most of the placements will be based in our Essex locations, such as Warley, Dunton (Laindon) and Dagenham. However there might be some roles based in other regions such as Daventry and Bridgend, this would be discussed in more detail if formally offered a position with the Company.

Ford Graduate Scheme Salaries & Benefits.

* Pension Scheme
* 26 days holiday per annum
* Product discounts / discount cards
* Salary: From £30,000 p.a. plus competitive benefits package

Ford Graduate Scheme Requirements.

For graduate positions, we currently require a minimum second class lower.

Step 1: Online Application – You will be asked to complete an on-line application form, giving details of your work experience qualifications or training you have done and your key skills and experiences. Make sure all the information you include is relevant. Also, ensure you spell check your application as spelling mistakes indicate a lack of care and attention to detail.

The sections in the application form in detail:

• Main Details – In this section we need some personal details so that we can contact you.
• Education & Qualifications – Here we ask for information about your education at School, College or University. You should give the name of the School and College you attended (if appropriate), and the dates you started and finished. In the qualifications section, please describe any qualifications you achieved.
• Work Experience – In this section you are asked to give details of your work experience. Start with the most recent and include start and finish dates, company name, job title, and the type of work you did (e.g. office work, dealing with customer complaints, assembling motor parts, shop/retail assistant). Please indicate your reason for leaving any job you are no longer doing. Please explain any gaps (e.g. unemployed, visiting family, travelling, etc.). If you have no work experience just put “no experience” in the section.
• Competencies – In this section you are asked for more detailed information of your skills and experiences in relation to job relevant criteria. We are looking for you to provide examples of when you have shown the skills and qualities necessary to be an effective Graduate.

Tips for choosing examples to write about:

Choose recent examples

• Be specific – describe exactly what you did or said
• Talk about your contribution (not what other people have done)
• Give examples of the skills that you demonstrated in the particular situation
• You can choose examples from work / college / voluntary work / out of work activities.

Step 2: Online Test:

• Numerical Reasoning
• Inductive Reasoning

Step 3: Telephone Interview – The telephone interview will last around 20-30 minutes. The questions will be around the following skills:

• Customer Focus
• Results Focus
• Personal Development
• Teamwork

Below are some points which will help you understand the telephone interview process a bit more:

• You will need to make sure that you are in a location where interview can be completed (e.g. not whilst travelling using a mobile)
• The interviewer will go through each question and the extent of detail required from the answers (e.g. will be asking about past experiences, need to know context, specific detail about what they did and the outcome)
• The interview does not look at your ability to respond quickly. We understand you may need some time to come up with an answer and that is fine.
• Be prepared to explain why you want to work for Ford Motor Company and show you understand what we do.

Step 4: Assessment Centre – The exercises in a Ford Assessment Centre have direct relevance to the roles which we are recruiting for.

There are four exercises that make up the Assessment Centre, these are on:

• Interview

The interview lasts for 60 minutes and is designed to assess the following competencies:

• Personal Development
• Teamwork – When describing team working situations, remember to maintain the focus on YOU and what YOU did. Remember to say ‘I’ to distinguish your input from the acts of the team. Above all, be yourself, and relax.
• Resilience
• Customer Focus
• Group Exercise – You will be given 35 minutes for the group discussion. This is to assess how you interact, and work within a group. The group exercise will be designed to assess how well you listen, respond to suggestions, and co-operate within the team to achieve the task within the time that you have been allocated.

The assessors will want to hear you express your point of view, but you should also listen to and consider other group members view.

• Try to draw in shy group members
• Do not take over
• Make sure that you do not disregard any group members or impose your points of view
• Contribute, and get involved in as much as you can
• Do not get discouraged by other group member’s suggestions.

Bear in mind, your task is not to ‘win’ against other members of the group. You should remember that you are all being assessed against the same, pre-determined standards, and if all of you meet the standards, everyone in your group could be selected.

Finally, many people allow their nerves to overcome them, and they do not speak up sufficiently in the group working exercise. Whilst you should try not to dominate the task, you will need to be seen to make a contribution. If you get nervous, just relax and remember that your contribution is as valuable as everyone else’s.

The criteria being assessed are:-

• Makes the Right Decisions
• Teamwork
• Open Communication
• Customer Focus
• Results Focus

You will be provided with some information and will have 25 minutes to individually prepare. Then, you will be working as a group to reach an outcome.

• Role Play Exercise – This exercise will look at the following competencies:
• Makes the Right Decisions
• Communication
• Personal Development
• Quality Mind-set
• Resilience
• Customer Focus

Overall, the exercise lasts for 70 minutes. Initially, you will be provided with some information and you will have 40 minutes for individual preparation. You will then be directed to another room where you have a meeting with a client. The meeting is scheduled to last no longer than 20 minutes. You can finish the meeting in less than 20 minutes, if you think you have handled all the objectives of the meeting. If you go over 20 minutes, you will be stopped by an assessor. Finally, you will have 15 minutes to write a short memo based on the meeting (issues discussed) you had.

• In Tray Exercise

– Written Exercise

This exercise lasts for 60 minutes and the competencies being assessed are:-
• Makes the Right Decisions
• Communication
• Quality Mind-set
• Results Focus
The written exercise simulates addressing a work-related problem. The emphasis is on how you analyse, compare, and categorise information; how you prioritise and take decisions; and how effectively you convey your views to others. You will have 60 minutes to write a plan of action.

Key Tips

• Remain calm, and take time to familiarise yourself with all the information, by scanning through the materials to Identify the information that you need
• Do not be afraid to disregard any information that you feel is irrelevant
• There may not be a single correct answer, but to perform well you will need to explain
logically, on paper, why you made your decisions.
Remember, that your fate with the company does not rest on one sole exercise, and that you will be given plenty of opportunity to demonstrate your strengths throughout the different exercises. Try not to worry about the exercises later in the day, just give your full concentration to each exercise in turn.

Ford Graduate Scheme Interview Preparation.

Before interviewing for a position with Ford, you should be familiar with our products, and know the current developments within the industry. It is also advisable to have an understanding of the Company’s history; you can obtain this information from industrial press, and our company website.

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