Five extracurricular activities that can boost your CV

24th June 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Graduate News and Articles

In today’s competitive jobs market, you need to pull out all the stops if you’re to land the best roles. So, as well as getting the qualifications you need to progress in your career, it’s important to look at other ways to gain a competitive advantage over rival candidates. With this in mind, here are five extracurricular activities that can give your CV a boost.

1) Learn a musical instrument
Many people don’t realise it, but learning a musical instrument can be an effective way to impress potential employers. After all, acquiring these skills requires patience and dedication, and it also shows intelligence and creativity. All of these abilities are highly valued by companies. There are plenty of instruments to choose from too, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get started. You can even hire instruments from specialist suppliers like Caswell’s Strings if you’d like to try before you buy.

2) Get stuck into sport
Taking part in sports can also look good on your resume. Like learning an instrument, getting stuck into physical activities shows commitment and drive. Meanwhile, many sports require teamwork, which is another valuable skill in the world of work, and they can get you used to competition and help you learn to cope with pressure.

3) Volunteer
Another great way to enhance your CV is to volunteer. Whether you fundraise for a cause of your choice, help out at a local animal shelter, work in a charity shop or give your time in other ways, this shows that you’re a good citizen and you’re willing to commit to something that isn’t just about personal gain. You can also pick up a range of practical skills while volunteering that will serve you well when you enter employment.

4) Learn a language
In today’s globalised world, being able to speak second or third languages is a huge advantage. Increasingly, employers are looking for job seekers who are able to communicate in foreign tongues, and so by devoting some of your spare time to picking up another language, you could open up a wealth of career opportunities.

5) Start blogging
Blogging can also enhance your CV. As well as helping you to fine-tune your writing skills, setting up and maintaining a blog demonstrates dedication. To gain maximum advantage when looking for work, it helps to focus your writing on topics that are relevant to your chosen career path. Blogging like this shows prospective employers that you’re passionate about the subject in question.

By adding extracurricular activities like these to your resume, you can boost your chances of landing the best roles.