Finding and Approaching Graduate Employers

12th June 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Graduate News and Articles

Approach Graduate Employers Directly.

A large percentage of jobs never get advertised on external job boards so it’s well worth searching and approaching employers. Going direct shows that you have an interest in working for that company specifically and gives a great impression. You can tailor your CV, write a personalised cover letter and highlight relevant points that will appeal to that employer.

If you’re are struggling to find graduate employers try these sources:

Graduate Links Employers Section
The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers
Thomson Local
118 118 online directory

Approaching an employer, even if they don’t have any job vacancies should be done in a very similar way to applying for a job. You need to find the right person to contact which will usually be under the careers section. However a phone call is a very effective way of contacting the HR Manager or atleast getting their contact details. By calling you’ll also make yourself stick out in the mind if a suitable graduate vacancy should arise. If you’re struggling to find a contact number or email adrees, then check on Social Media sites such as LinkedIn.

Once you’ve got the details either email or post a tailored cover letter and CV in. If you’re stuck for ideas check out our graduate cover letter & curriculum vitae writing